Nothing is more peaceful and relaxing than listening to the sound of running water, especially when entertaining poolside.

The truth is you’ll spend more time looking at your pool than you will be swimming it in (especially in the colder months), so why not make it a captivating water feature in your backyard?

Bring your pool to life with waterfalls, water walls, jets, fountains, custom LED lighting and more. Speak to us about ways that you can add your personal touch.

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Acrylic or Disappearing Edges

Disappearing edges (vanishing edges or infinity pools) are one of the most asked-about pool customisations we offer. If you plan to have an above-ground pool, then this could certainly be an option for you. If you are considering a disappearing edge on your pool, then it pays to do your research.

Infinity/vanishing edges require a catchment tank as well as extra pumps, and they can be noisy. In recent years, we have developed acrylic edge options. Acrylic edges allow you to create the same effect as a vanishing edge, but with fewer downsides; no water overflowing from the pool edge means no need for additional tanks, no extra pumps, no noise from falling water and less heat loss.

So Happy

So happy to have selected Ultimate Pools, we like the self-cleaning system very much, there's no need to worry anything, just with several times service to maintain the balance of the chemical things, then you just enjoy swimming... Every time when there're friends come to visit our swimming pool, I can't wait to share the benefits from Ultimate Pools.

Raymon Lee

Made the Impossible, Possible

From day one the team at Ultimate Pools made the impossible possible. A difficult site with narrow access and a steep building slope did not deter them. Plus their Compass maxi-rib pool was the only type of pool that would suit our site - a fabulous innovative product. Every step of the way they founded solutions to obstacles and every team member was outstanding in their knowledge, commitment and speedy communication. Professional from start to finish. Thank you to the Ultimate team.

Mark & Carolyn Langenhoven

Fast and Efficient

We absolutely love our new Ultimate pool. The process was made a lot easier with these guys helping all along the way. although there were a few setbacks with covid, the team did everything they could to get things done as fast and efficient as they could. I fully recommend this company and their fantastic pool. Thanks very much.

Rose Ritson Trenwith

Second to none

"The quality in manufacture of the pool, and equipment offered as standard or available as an option and prices, are second to none."

Murray Wright

Hugely professional

"Ultimate Pools have been fantastic for us. Right from the concept stage to the actual installation I couldn't ask for more. Hugely professional on the install"

Dave Skillcorn

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