A swimming pool can dramatically change the face of your residential property. When implemented the right way, it could even contribute to a steady appreciation of property value as well. However, swimming pool cost projections can be scary if you’re considering conventional concrete above-ground installations. It can also get rather complicated if you have a site that is sloped or irregular.

When you get down to the core of what goes into these pool installations and the costs that come with it, you realise that you could actually be saving a substantial sum of money if you invest some time for extra planning and talking it out with the experts. We’re now getting used to clients telling us how they never imagined we could implement their requirements with a fibreglass pool and the fact that we could actually save them tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

Technology has evolved in leaps and bounds especially when it comes to the swimming pool construction business. We’re constantly on the lookout for how to make pool installations quicker, less complicated, and as cost-effective as possible. It’s amazing to ponder how things we felt were outright impossible a decade ago are now so easy and quite seamless to implement.

At Ultimate Pools, we have been keeping tabs on evolving technological trends that would allow us to provide our clients with the best possible pool installation options. After years of studying and experimenting, we were able to develop a state-of-the-art solution known as the “Maxi-Rib” system that not only allows you to install an above-ground pool on tricky sites, but also enables you to accomplish it at a fraction of the cost of a concrete pool structure. Or, even an engineered retained standard fibreglass pool; sometimes $10,000 less and other times with the discounts going in excess of $60,000 the way we do it.

In essence, the Maxi-Rib system rewrites the rules of the game when it comes to swimming pool installations. Apart from being the easiest and most economical option, these pools look brand new for decades after installation. You don’t have to worry about your pool falling down the bank, or any kind of bowing or bending troubles. It’s not just that. We understand what our clients are looking for. We understand that everyone wants a pool that looks and feels a bit upmarket instead of a standard design, “out of the catalog” version. Oftentimes many prospects are not able to construct according to what they have in mind, what they really want, because they don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars required for concrete options. Our Maxi-rib powered Compass pools give you all of that and more at a fraction of the cost.

The main reason we say this with confidence is that we’ve been installing tens of dozens of these miracle pools in the North and West Auckland areas for many years. We have an extremely happy and rapidly growing customer base that stands testimony for the value addition our Maxi-Rib pools have contributed to residential properties across New Zealand.

Battle Against Conventions

This naturally raises the question as to why there’s no real awareness of such a groundbreaking concept. Well, one of the reasons could be your architect. In most case scenarios, our clients would have earlier worked with architects who suggest building a heavily engineered concrete pool. You would naturally assume that he or she is offering the best and cheapest solution. The fact of the matter is that some architects just don’t know any better and it’s basically the same old technology that’s been used for more than three decades!

Architects mostly work in tandem with traditional designers and builders, and can sometimes fail to keep up-to-date on the latest technological developments. It’s not because they don’t have the best interests of their clients in mind; it’s just that they don’t know any better! It could also be the case that when they hear about something new, they’re less likely to opt for it since they’ve been working for decades with what they are used to, and are not prepared to step out of their comfort zone and learn something new. Why fix it, if it’s working?

While talking with these architects, they were blown out of the water by how simple, cost-effective, and reliable our pool solutions are. They were more than happy to jump on board since they were able to give their clients something unique that actually enhances the overall value. Being top-quality pool builders, we’re excited about spreading the word among architects, swimming pool contractors and designers, and working with them to provide the best options to their clients.

How Maxi-Rib Technology Makes us Better than Concrete Pools

So, what is Maxi-Rib all about? Maxi-Rib technology is an exclusive technological innovation that we’ve developed in-house. It is available only for Compass pools and is basically a rib-like foundation for the pool. It provides the required support for the installation of Compass pools above-ground either on natural ground surfaces, timber, concrete or retained platforms.

This essentially makes Compass above-ground pools easier and far more economical to install on sloped sites or other tricky areas where conventional concrete pools would normally be suggested.
While conventional concrete above-ground pools are hard and slow to build on tricky terrain, our Compass pools allow you to take maximum advantage of this situation, by letting you incorporate a wide range of cool add-on features such as spa pool installation, an infinity-edge, or even that cascading effect at the edge of the pool – all at an extremely affordable rate similar to that of a concrete pool and the installation can actually be completed SEVERAL MONTHS faster!

All those things that you couldn’t do owing to the prohibitive cost of building these pools; you can now actually have it all within your budget. We’re talking about waders, spa pools on the side, or just about anything that you would want to incorporate.

You’re limited by just your imagination.

The whole fibreglass pools vs concrete debate is rendered redundant owing to three key factors associated with fibreglass pools – ease of installation, insanely low cost, longevity.

To install a pool substantially higher than their base ground level, you would normally have to do a good amount of earthwork, build up retaining walls, and bear the high costs that go in tandem with the concrete swimming pool that your architect recommended. While it is likely that some site work may always be required with the MaxiRib pool, it is just probably a fraction of the work needed to complete the install perfectly.

Our Compass Pools incorporated with the amazing Maxi Rib system regularly does away with the over-engineering and excess site works needed in concrete builds

Looking at Options

When it comes to installing a pool, you have a wide array of situations you may encounter.

  • You need the walls of your pool to rise above the base level.
  • You want to have a pool right next to your building.
  • You really like that cool infinity edge effect on your pool.
  • Ever imagined having windows in your pool wall?
  • Owing to landscape requirements, you might want to have the pool out of the ground partially.
  • Raising the deck to match existing or proposed new elevated or patio areas.

We can help you with any of the above options without passing over the excruciating burden of high costs that come tagged in with conventional concrete pool building plans.

Choosing What’s Best for Your Site IS Important

So, you may have plenty of New Zealand pool companies promising you affordable options that suit your property conditions. However, the weird truth is that Australian made pools designed for New Zealand conditions are vastly superior to the pools manufactured in New Zealand. This is mainly owing to the fact that New Zealand doesn’t really have adequate facilities for real-time testing that guarantee quality and longevity. So, in the long run, it’s a much safer bet to get an Australian-made pool that is far more likely to have undergone real-time testing to ensure your pool stays like new for years to come.

Our state-of-the-art ceramic composite core technology incorporated in our Compass range of pools guarantees that they are perfectly suitable for New Zealand conditions.

We have a great deal of experience working with clients in the North and West Auckland regions, and from our experience, we’ve observed the region has conditions that are quite unique from sites you would see in Australia and many other parts of the world.

Clay expands when it gets wet and shrinks down when moisture leaves, which basically translates to a great deal of retraction and movement. Clay rich soil conditions also make for horrible drainage situations. The water can stay in there for several days on end. These high-clay conditions are very commonly seen in North and West Auckland sites.
All our ceramic core pools are designed specifically for the prevalent conditions in New Zealand. We use only Bi-luminite model pools, which come under our 300 series, for these sites. The 300 series pools are three times as thick as the standard pool that’s commonly installed in Australian sites. They are specifically designed for the damp, clay-rich soil texture found in North Auckland. This basically means that your Compass pool will be ridiculously easy to install, is going to stay strong, look better, and last forever, and that’s a promise backed by our lifetime warranty!

At Ultimate Pools, we want our clients to have the above-ground pool experience of a lifetime. We believe our patrons deserve the best permanent above ground pool, and we have spent years perfecting the Maxi-Rib powered system to ensure they get it. Our Compass Pools represent the best of everything you would expect from the ultimate swimming pool experience.

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