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All Ultimate Pools come with a Ceramic Core. You can see the ceramic core in an Ultimate composite pool cross-section. It’s this core that sets Ultimate apart.

The core provides your pools with increased panel stiffness and improved impact resistance. It ensures you are buying the toughest, most durable and most innovative composite swimming pool in the world.

Compass Pools has been manufacturing innovative fibreglass ceramic pools for decades. Our patented ceramic core technology allows us to build you a tougher and more durable pool, which is designed to cope with seasonal ground movement and the effects of long-term immersion in pool water. Watch this video to learn about ceramic core technology and how it will benefit you as a pool owner.

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Compass pioneers world-leading fibreglass ceramic technology for swimming pools

When Compass Pools introduced ceramic composite technology to the swimming pool industry in the mid-90s, it quickly became accepted technology worldwide. We’ve been recognised as world leaders and innovators in this market for decades. Our patented technology dramatically improves the pool’s structural integrity.

This is why Compass Pools can offer all customers the confidence of a solution that will suit their specific site conditions.

The secret to the success and durability of a Compass Pool is its patented ceramic composite design

In the early 90s, the Compass research and development team set about finding new ways to make a pool that was so tough and reliable that they could offer customers peace of mind with an extended structural guarantee and enhanced interior surface guarantee.

It was widely accepted that using vinyl ester resin in manufacturing would significantly improve a pool shell’s inherent water resistance. That’s because vinyl ester resin is 50 times less susceptible to hydrolysis by water than polyester resin (the other primary resin type typically used in fibreglass pool construction).

However, Compass decided that it was essential to look beyond industry standards. We were seeking a new method that allowed us to manufacture a fibreglass composite pool for our customers that was designed to last longer.

Our team returned to the drawing board to find the best answer for our customers

With much research, we developed a technology that blended vinyl ester resin with ceramic microspheres. This breakthrough resulted in a lightweight composite core, significantly improving our fibreglass pool’s structure and performance. Similar composite materials are used in the aerospace industry and in constructing high-performance trains and racing boats. In our case, applying this blend of ceramic microspheres and vinyl ester resin also required us to specially modify our fibreglass spraying equipment, which formed part of our patented method.

Ceramic microspheres have some truly astonishing properties

  • They are so tough they can withstand 10,000 psi of pressure with no noticeable effect
  • They are resistant to chemical breakdown – they won’t dissolve or change after exposure to water or other chemicals in your pool
  • They will not absorb water in any form, which can be a leading cause of osmosis in pools.

These microspheres are a vital ingredient in our unique ceramic core, which is now integral in manufacturing all Compass pools sold across Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Exclusive manufacturer’s warranty from Compass Pools Australia for comprehensive protection of your pool inside and out

Over the last 35 years, we’ve pushed the boundaries of innovation in fibreglass composite swimming pools. In the 90s, Compass pioneered new construction methods with our patented ceramic core technology and exclusive Bi-luminite™ surface finishes.

Compass has recently continued innovation with our patented HydroPro™ hydrostatic relief valve, providing maximum protection against groundwater pressure and extreme storm events.

  • Enhanced cosmetic protection with ArmourShieldtm technology
  • Superior structural performance with CeramicCore™ technology
  • Comprehensive hydrostatic protection with our HydroPro™ system The HydroPro™ relief valve is a standard inclusion in all Compass Ceramic Composite pools manufactured from January 2016


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