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Most people who buy a pool start with dreams of relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends. They don’t picture the hard work typically needed to look after that pool – all the manual cleaning, the heavy lifting of automatic cleaners and endless tasks to keep the water clean, healthy and safe for swimming.

The Vantage In-floor cleaning system is a unique water circulation system designed to reduce chemical usage, eliminate cold spots and keep your pool clean of debris without regular manual vacuuming or other cleaning equipment.

Watch this video to find out how owning a Compass Pool with the VantageTM system can set you free to enjoy your pool as you should!

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How Does The VantageTM Self-Cleaning System Work?

Unlike traditional pool circulation systems, the Vantage system circulates your pool from bottom to top. All the pool water layers are penetrated, eliminating ‘dead spots’ where algae and bacteria grow. With Vantage, you make dramatic savings on chemical usage while enjoying a cleaner, healthier pool.

Vantage makes it easier to swim in a cleaner, healthier pool.

In its natural state, water is constantly moving. When it stops, it stagnates and becomes contaminated with algae and bacteria. Like a mountain stream, a Compass Vantage system regularly circulates and constantly refreshes the water in your pool.

It is paramount that water keeps moving to remain fresh and healthy. When left still for too long, it stagnates and becomes contaminated with algae and bacteria. While traditional pool circulation systems move large volumes of surface water, deep water tends to get neglected. The Vantage system removes pool water through a traditional skimmer and an in-floor drain. It then returns the newly filtered water to the pool through a series of nozzles on the pool floor.

This ensures that all water down to the floor is thoroughly circulated, reducing chemical burn-off and allowing for a more even water temperature.

With more than 10,000 Compass Vantage pools in the ground, we know the Compass Vantage operating system works

It works extremely well. Vantage offers you more than superior cleaning. It delivers the total package in the care of your pool water.

  • Improved circulation for healthier water.
  • Completely automated hands-free cleaning.
  • More efficient use of pool chemicals.
  • A more even pool temperature.

Unhealthy pool water can cause itchy skin, illnesses and sore eyes, not to mention a green pool! Without the right technology and knowledge, the task takes away the fun…

This is why we offer The Vantage Self-Cleaning System. It is a unique water circulation system designed to reduce chemical usage, eliminate cold spots, and keep your pool clean from debris without regular hand skimming, vacuuming, or other cleaning equipment.

Enjoy the benefits and savings with better heating efficiency

The effect of heat and chemicals escaping at the surface is greatly reduced as Vantage returns treated water to the floor of your pool.
This results in better management of chemical mixing, dramatically reducing power and consumption.

Vantage is a passive solar heating system, resulting in better water temperature, less maintenance and reduced heating costs.

With the immediate paybacks in health and enjoyment and the savings in operating costs, a Compass Vantage pool is your best investment.

Why Real Estate Agents Say it’s Easier to Sell a House with Compass Pool with Vantage

For some buyers, a pool can deter people from buying a house. Pools often seem to go hand-in-hand with a lot of hard work; the great thing about Vantage is that it allows you to have a hassle-free pool.

Real Estate Agents regularly tell us that they love selling homes with one of our Vantage-operated pools because they can finally sell the idea of having a pool that you can truly enjoy.

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the future, be sure to stop and think about how your pool will impact the sale of your house. Wouldn’t it be great if the market saw your pool as a key selling point?

Really Strong Sales Point

“The Vantage self-cleaning option makes for a really strong sales point. I can assure prospective buyers that the pool will require virtually no maintenance and is very economical to run. I know this because I have a Compass Pool in my backyard. I can’t promise that with any other pool.

It’s also a real point of difference when potential buyers are comparing similar houses. A great advantage to have in a tough housing market.”

John Mann, Director, LJ Hooker, Inverloch

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More reasons to install a pool with Vantage™

Many people ask us if a robotic cleaner will do the same job as Vantage. In short, robotic cleaners are used to keep your pool tidy, not to keep your pool clean.

Because the Vantage system focuses on using proper circulation to keep your pool tidy and your water healthy, it offers much more than a robotic cleaning device. Compared to other options, Vantage can offer significant savings on running costs, not to mention the system is completely automated and silent. No lifting heavy equipment like “suction cleaners” in and out of the pool. No robots getting tangled or wasting power. No manual cleaning or vacuuming

It saves you more time than any other option

Suction and robotic cleaners are best described as semi-automatic cleaning systems. Once you have unpacked them from their hiding place, they must be positioned in the pool and connected to a suction point (suction cleaners) or a power point (robotic cleaners). To unpack, install, and remove your semi-automatic cleaning system will take at least 20 minutes of your precious TIME on each occasion. This can be a daily task when you use your pool the most in summer.

In-floor cleaning systems are the only automatic cleaning systems because they are permanently installed and operate automatically daily.

Vantage requires less electricity and significantly fewer chemicals to keep your pool healthy and clean

Pool running costs include electricity to run the various pumps and chemicals to balance and sanitise the water. So, it only makes sense to consider both costs when comparing the three types of cleaning systems. As each cleaning system operates differently, we have based electricity costs on achieving a standard turnover rate of pool water. It is generally accepted that pool water should be turned over twice daily to achieve good filtration.

Having worked out the electricity costs, we need to consider the chemical costs, which vary with each type of cleaning system. Only the in-floor cleaning system sucks water from both the surface (skimmer box) and the floor (main drain) and returns freshly sanitised water to the floor (in-floor nozzles) to achieve top-to-bottom circulation. This results in more effective pool water sanitisation with up to 50% less chemical costs.

Reduce chemical usage by up to 50%. Save up to $600 in running costs a year*. No unsightly robots or suction cleaners. Safer, cleaner, healthier water. No more cold spots of water.

*Estimate annual electricity costs based on an 8m x 4m pool with a minimum 2x turnover of pool water and energy-efficient filter pumps. Calculated at 30c per kW-hr, and annual chemical costs of $400 (less for in-floor system)

So Happy

So happy to have selected Ultimate Pools, we like the self-cleaning system very much, there's no need to worry anything, just with several times service to maintain the balance of the chemical things, then you just enjoy swimming... Every time when there're friends come to visit our swimming pool, I can't wait to share the benefits from Ultimate Pools.

Raymon Lee

Made the Impossible, Possible

From day one the team at Ultimate Pools made the impossible possible. A difficult site with narrow access and a steep building slope did not deter them. Plus their Compass maxi-rib pool was the only type of pool that would suit our site - a fabulous innovative product. Every step of the way they founded solutions to obstacles and every team member was outstanding in their knowledge, commitment and speedy communication. Professional from start to finish. Thank you to the Ultimate team.

Mark & Carolyn Langenhoven

Fast and Efficient

We absolutely love our new Ultimate pool. The process was made a lot easier with these guys helping all along the way. although there were a few setbacks with covid, the team did everything they could to get things done as fast and efficient as they could. I fully recommend this company and their fantastic pool. Thanks very much.

Rose Ritson Trenwith

Second to none

"The quality in manufacture of the pool, and equipment offered as standard or available as an option and prices, are second to none."

Murray Wright

Hugely professional

"Ultimate Pools have been fantastic for us. Right from the concept stage to the actual installation I couldn't ask for more. Hugely professional on the install"

Dave Skillcorn

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